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TENMARK WORLDWIDE INC. was registered in Republic of Panama in January 2008 to carry out of foreign economic activities for the interest of Russian company Snabtorgprom (www.snabtorgprom.ru). We are specialized in trade activity, namely export/import of equipment, as well as providing of transport services.

Main Company’s activities:

- Trading.

The Company buys equipment and machinery from worldwide suppliers, including companies from Russia, CIS countries (Ukraine, Byelorussia). The Company buys the goods in Western Europe and USA for further selling in markets of Russia, CIS countries, Eastern Europe, South-East Asia, and Latin America.

Today our range of goods includes the following products of leading international producers:

* machinestools

* construction machinery

* heavy machinery

- Transport of freights:

The Company is engaged in transport and logistic activities, as well as it renders agent services for freights transport organization.

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